The online component of the course assesses your knowledge and the workplace assessment assesses your practical skills in the workplace (or simulated) environment. 

For the level 1 course this could be achieved over a single meal preparation. 

For the level 2 course records need to be taken over the period of a week.

The 3rd party observer needs to be suitably qualified and/or experienced in food preparation. 

This can be someone who is already a Food Safety Supervisor or someone who has had a number of years experience in food preparation.

The observer will have to provide evidence of their certificate or their experience.

The observer may be under direct supervision via phone by a qualified assessor from Master Grocers Australia.

The observer needs to include comments about what they observed, sign off the assessment, and return it to Master Grocers Australia with the other parts of the workplace assignment, Master Grocers Australia's assessor may contact the 3rd party observer to validate the observations.