When you complete your NSW RSA training, you are issued with an Interim Certificate. This certificate can be used for 90 days to serve liquor in NSW. 

Once you have printed your Interim RSA Certificate, the next step is to book a meeting at a Service NSW service centre to order your Photo Competency Card.

  • You must do this within 90 days. Please book early so that your Photo Competency Card has time to arrive before your Interim RSA Certificate expires.
  • You can find out more information about applying for your NSW Photo Competency Card and locate your closest Service NSW service centre via the link below:


  • Take your Interim RSA Certificate and 100 points of ID (including photo ID) to your nearest Service NSW service centre. Note: your course fee already included the $70 Photo Competency Card fee, so there is no more to pay.
  • You will receive your Photo Competency Card in approximately 3 weeks from Liquor & Gaming NSW.
  • Your Photo Competency Card replaces your Interim RSA Certificate and is valid for 5 years.

If you have already applied for your Photo Competency card, and it has not yet arrived, please contact Liquor & Gaming NSW.