Some assessment for your food safety training need to take place in an operational food preparation environment where you will be assessed on how well your demonstrate your skills.

The number of work shifts you must do under supervision varies depending on the course you are completing. 

While you are in the workplace you will be assessed in two ways:

  1. Video Assessment

    a.    You can EITHER upload individual videos of you performing the required tasks in the workplace, OR;

    b.    You can demonstrate the required tasks directly to an assessor via a live video conference while you are in the workplace (approx. 30-45 mins).

  2. Via observation by a qualified third-party observer who will make notes on tasks performed on the third-party observation report which will then be submitted for assessment.

Details of the tasks required are available to download from your course menu.

Completed workplace assessment task reports are then scanned as a single PDF document and uploaded for assessment from your course menu.