The third-party observation report (for SITXFSA001/SITSS00050/SITXFSA002/SITSS00051/SIRRFSA001) needs to be completed by a suitable observer. The most appropriate person to observe and report on the performance of the student is usually a workplace supervisor. However, if a workplace supervisor is not available, any person with at least one (1) of the following qualifications is considered suitable:

· A Food Safety Supervisor or Head Chef; OR

· A person with any of the following food safety qualifications:

o Participate in safe food handling practices (SITXFSA201 or SITXFSA002)

o Apply retail food safety practices (SIRRFSA001A)

o  Handle food safely in a retail environment (SIRRFSA001)

o Or equivalent. 

Observers will need to supply a copy of their food safety qualifications to be verified.