You are required to provide photo identification details for your nationally recognised training.  

You can pick any of the following forms of Identification: 

  • Australian driver's licence 
  • Australian Immi Card
  • Birth Certificate and Medicare card together
  • Australian or foreign passport - for foreign passports please select the Visa option from the dropdown menu - this will allow you to enter your passport number and country of issue
  • Government-issued Key pass card
  • Government-issued Proof of Age Card


For Australian students - if you do not have current government-issued photo ID you can submit a copy of your birth certificate PLUS a copy of your Medicare card.

For New Zealand students we require current, government-issued photo ID. If you don't have a current passport (NZ or international) or driver's licence (NZ or international), you can submit a birth certificate plus an 18+ card or New Zealand student photo ID card.