Below are the details of the identity requirements required for the NSW  Responsible Service of Alcohol training course.


Before we can issue your Interim Certificate (NSW) we must have the following things from you:


  • A correctly witnessed copy of your photo ID
  • Signed and correctly witnessed Statutory Declaration using the template provided by us

Please find attached a copy of the statutory declaration form you will need to print and instructions for completing your witnessed photo ID.

Read and take the statutory declaration and sign it in front of an approved officer. Have this same witness sign a copy of your primary photo ID to confirm it is a true copy of the original. A list of approved officers is also contained in this document. (A local pharmacist, police station or post office may be the easiest to access).

Note: It is not necessary for your witness to personally know you. A local pharmacy, post office or police station may be the easiest to access.

Please scan or photograph a copy of the signed statutory declaration and witnessed photo and upload the scans for verification through your student portal.  Alternatively, you can email it to