Your old Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course was never fully completed - I have checked your account and it appears that you did not complete the final steps of the course, which are a mandatory part of the course.


As you would be aware, the RSA course is a unit of nationally recognised training. The content of nationally recognised training units are updated from time to time by the relevant training authorities to ensure that training is current and relevant. When an update occurs, the old unit or course expires and can no longer be delivered by Registered Training Organisations. Nor can an RTO issue a Statement of Attainment for the expired unit once the expiry date has passed.


The RSA course with the unit code SITHFAB201 that you enrolled in expired on March 1, 2017, and the new course, SITHFAB002 was introduced on February 1, 2017, allowing everyone who had enrolled prior to this date another month to complete the old course.  As the old course was not completed before the expiry date you are eligible for a free upgrade and have been transitioned to the new course.


This new course is the most up-to-date unit of competency for RSA in Australia. There is now an additional hour of new training, with new materials and requirements.


As it is a new course, you will need to commence the course again, starting from accepting the Terms and Conditions. Each learning section now has a minimum time requirement where you must spend at least 10 minutes on the learning materials. As it is a while since you purchased the course, this is a good opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the learning materials.


Where there is no change to learning materials and assessments your previous responses will be recorded and you will not need to re-do them. Where there are new questions you will need to attempt these before proceeding to the next section.


At the end of the course, you are now also required to complete 3 short videos displaying your knowledge of Refusal of Service. This is an excellent opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt from the course. If you have any problems with videos you are welcome to contact us and we can organise a phone assessment with a trainer for these questions.