I need to change my details.

Please read the following to see if a change of details is required. Changes of details are only required to correct errors in names, addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth.

Please do not request changes to name and address formats and country codes - when your ID is verified we also check your details and save them in the format required by our reporting systems.


The name on your account should match your photo ID and your USI record. If your details match your photo ID and USI record we cannot change your name - so please do not send a change request.

We can only make changes to ensure that your student profile, USI record and photo ID match. 

We manually verify photo ID so names are usually corrected when we verify your ID. If you should need to change your name you will need to send photo evidence if you have not already done so. 

If you are requesting a change of name due to marriage/divorce/etc you will need to send us a copy of the relevant certificate or other legal evidence.

Note that only your first given name and family name is recorded on Statements of Attainment. For NSW Interim Certificates all given names and your family name are recorded on the certificate so your profile must match your photo ID.


If you need to correct your birthdate you will need to send evidence if you have not already done so. We manually verify photo ID so mistakes are usually corrected when we verify your ID.


Your student profile must include a valid Australian postal address. Please ensure that your Australian address includes the following:

  1. Unit number (if applicable)
  2. Street number
  3. Street name
  4. Street type
  5. Suburb
  6. State 
  7. Postcode

International addresses:

For non-NSW courses, your address is only recorded for statistical purposes and is not used to contact you, so it is acceptable for us to have your Australian residential address listed in your profile and not your international home address. 

For NSW courses we must have an Australian postal address

Address format

Please note that we use specific formats when recording your details so it is not necessary to request changes to:

Country – we use a two-letter code, eg AU for Australia

State – We use standard abbreviations not the full state name, eg TAS for Tasmania

Street –

  • We record unit addresses as unit number/street number, eg 4/10 Collins Street not Unit 4, 10 Collins Street
  • We do not use commas when recording addresses, eg 22 Collins Street not 22, Collins Street
  • we use full street names, eg Street, Terrace, Avenue

If you still need to correct your details please do not send more than one request. Changes are done manually during business hours. Generally, changes are completed within two hours during business hours and you will be sent an email confirming the changes have been made.