Your student profile must include a valid Australian postal address. A Statement of Attainment or Interim Certificate cannot be issued without one. 

International addresses:

For non-NSW courses, your address is used for statistical purposes and never to contact you, so it is acceptable for us to have your Australian residential address listed in your profile and not your international home address.

For NSW courses we must have an Australian postal address as this is where your photo competency card will be sent by Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Address format

Please note that we use specific formats when recording your details so it is not necessary to request changes to:

Country – we use a two-letter code, eg AU for Australia

State – We use standard abbreviations not the full state name, eg TAS for Tasmania

Street –

  • We record unit addresses as unit number/street number, eg 4/10 Collins Street not Unit 4, 10 Collins Street
  • We do not use commas when recording addresses, eg 22 Collins Street not 22, Collins Street
  • we use full street names, eg Street, Terrace, Avenue

NB: there are a very few limited exemptions to these address requirements - if you feel you may be eligible for an exemption please 

send us a support ticket here explaining your circumstances.