To schedule your live video conference with a trainer, select a time when you will be in an operational workplace environment completing your required workplace tasks.

The live video assessment is expected to take up to 30 – 45 minutes.

Select and book your live video conference from the available times at the following link -

Select the available date and time that suits you and your observer best.

You are responsible for contacting the trainer/assessor at the scheduled time. 

Video conferences can be held via Skype or Facebook Messenger. Contact details are available when you schedule your video conference time.

Ensure that you have the correct software or app downloaded on your device prior to your scheduled appointment time.
Skype – for iPhone

Skype – for Android

Skype – for laptop/desktop

Facebook Messenger – for iPhone

Facebook Messenger – for Android

Facebook Messenger – for laptop/desktop

A few minutes prior to your scheduled time search for the trainer/assessor contact details on either Skype or Messenger and be ready to place a video call at the appointed time.

Please note that in order to use Messenger you will need to send the trainer a message request and have this approved prior to your video conference call.

Prior to your live video conference ensure you have read and understand the assessment requirements.

Have your third-party qualified observer in attendance if possible or at least one other person to assist by filming you while you demonstrate the required tasks to the trainer/assessor.