If you are experiencing difficulty uploading your food safety videos an error may have occurred due to one of the reasons listed below. 
Here are a couple of things you can try/check to resolve the situation:
  1. Log out and log back in again, now re-attempt the upload.
  2. Save or re-save the video files as an .mp4 files - these will upload faster than .MOV files.
  3. Recording are limited to two minutes per recording so maybe your recording is too long &/or the file is too big? 
  4. If you don't see a progress bar showing the upload progress keep an eye out in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. This is where the file upload progress is displayed as a percentage. Sometimes uploading files can take a few minutes so leave the window open until the screen confirms that the entire file has been received. 
If you are still receiving an error message after checking the above please email the file/s as an attachment and a trainer/assessor will attempt to upload the recording for you, in the event that we can not complete the upload we will review the recording and make notes in your student account with reference to the required file/s. 

You may also email us a Dropbox or Google Drive link where we can view the files. Please ensure that you make the drive shareable &/or share with the following email addresses: